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Where can I learn more about recruiting and managing volunteers for my nonprofit?

Recruiting and managing volunteers effectively is similar to doing the same for employees. Things to consider include:

  • Organizational support, training, and preparation to involve volunteers
  • Developing and marketing volunteer opportunities
  • Screening and matching volunteers for your nonprofit’s needs
  • Risk management and legal issues
  • Evaluation, record-keeping, and accountability
  • Recognition, retention, and motivation
  • Volunteer activism and advocacy

While this seems like much effort, nonprofits benefit from volunteers because they, according to

  • Help your organization meet its mission and better serve the community
  • Demonstrate community investment and endorsement
  • Help you reach new audiences and donors
  • Often become individual donors, or even staff
  • Can do things staff cannot do regarding public policy, like endorse your organization to public officials, in editorial pages, as well as comment publicly on legislation or political candidates (as long as they act as individuals, not representatives of your nonprofit)
  • May be preferred over staff by certain population groups you might serve

For more guidance and best practices, be sure to read's section for leaders & managers.

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Podcast Aaron Hurst of the Taproot Foundation shares advice for making the most of the current volunteer workforce. Watch now »

As nonprofit organizations strive to provide services on smaller budgets in the current economy, volunteers have become even more vital to their ability to meet their missions. The Corporation for National and Community Service reports:

"This year’s report found that 62.6 million adults (24.9 percent) volunteered through an organization last year.  Altogether, Americans volunteered nearly 7.8 billion hours in 2015, worth an estimated $184 billion, based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour. The volunteer rate consistently remains stable and strong. Over the past 14 years, Americans have volunteered 113 billion hours, service worth an estimated $2.3 trillion."

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